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Idea of the Day – Books & CDs

It’s been a while since I’ve written about an idea I have and well this one is just too good and it is like a brain itch that I have to scratch. Let’s talk about e-readers, paperbacks, CDs, and MP3 players.


I buy CDs. Yes I still buy them, sometimes it just doesn’t get any better than being able to buy a CD and have it in your collection. (My last one was an autographed CD by Michael Buble, let the judging commence.) Now when I purchase this CD, I am free to listen to is as I wish meaning, in my car, in my home, or on my computer. As such, once it is on my computer, I can transfer the music to a portable device (mp3, smart phone, etc).

I buy the CD = I’ve bought the music, of which I’ve purchased the right to listen to however I wish and on whatever I wish.


I buy a book. I have the book. It is on my shelf as a reference guide, a small trophy of achievement, and to be a part of my small library of books. If I want to read the book, I have to carry the book. If I want to read the book on my computer, well…I can’t. If I want to read the book on my mobile device, well….I can’t.

I buy the book = I’ve bought the words, the lessons, the text of which I should have the right to read however I wish and on whatever I wish.

What I’m saying is that books need to have a Napster moment. E-Books/Readers are great but I have a few free e-books and I want desperately to just print them out and read them. I have a few books I want to read on my upcoming vacation but honestly, I don’t want to add the 6 pounds to my luggage by carrying the physical book.

The idea

You buy a book. Each book has an ID that allows you to download the book to be readable on a Kindle, iPad, smart phone, any device. This will increase the cost of books but I don’t particularly care. Books are still pricier than they should be with some getting as high as $24.95 or $30 for 300 pages. If iTunes allows me to buy a song for $0.99, I should be able to buy a chapter of a book for $0.99 or cheaper.

Different approach. Each book has a built in receiver of some sort or perhaps a unique UPC code, QR code, what have you. Your e-reader/smart device scans the code and you have the book electronically for a week on your device. If you need it more than a week, you have to re-scan that same unique code to refresh it. The unique code keeps people from running into a bookstore/library and scanning all the books and hoping to steal them.

Seems feasible but this is just a daydream. I’m sure someone out there will tell me it’s impossible whhich may be true, until it happens.

That’s my idea for the day. Thanks for reading the ramble 🙂

Rock on,


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  1. July 19, 2011 at 12:07 PM

    Intriguing, Joe! I am with you 100% on the music – the idea of storing music I buy on the “cloud” does NOT appeal to me – I want it in my possession on CD, on my IPod, and on my computer!

    I do love a “real” book, but don’t like to keep them all – just the professional books. I find it hard to always give my pleasure reading books a “good home” afterwards….with someone who will read them and enjoy them. With my Kindle, I don’t have that issue any more, so I do like the ebook idea for pleasure reading, but not reference or professional books. You are right that books are pricey already! The puiblishers are now mandating (according to Amazon) that the price of a “new” ebook be $12.99 – seriously!? I am back to waiting for a lot of them at the library, where I can read and return!

    I like your ideas for books….it is very feasible but I don’t thik the industry will buy it….too bad!

    • July 19, 2011 at 12:11 PM


      Thanks for reading. I agree with the pleasure books, once you read them once – hard to go back and re-read (unless it’s the HP series!).

      The idea sort of mimics the library. Imagine if you could take your Kindle to the library, scan a book, and have it on your Kindle for a week before it expires. Want to renew? Just head back to the library and renew it just like you would a “traditional” book.

      I tried a Kindle, I think it is fantastic but I honestly missed turning the page and feeling the book. It’s great in a pinch and to throw in a bag for a trip or travel, but when it gets down to it I’ll take the good ol’ fashioned book.

      Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts! I appreciate it.


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