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5000 tweets….

October 13, 2010 1 comment

5,000 tweets or (technically) 700,000 characters. That’s saying a lot without saying much if you ask me, so how did I come to reach this Twitter milestone? One answer, #SAChat.

With my 5,000th tweet, I’ve chosen to share this blog post because as part of the 5K tweet club I think it is important to illustrate the power that a simple hashtag can possess. In an effort to keep this post from rambling on, let me give you a top 5 list including some of the  most influential “tweeps” I’ve gained and the lessons I’ve learned from them.

5. Lurking is learning. (@CindyKane) If you spent one hour a week, listening (well, reading) the thoughts of those who are the “movers” and “shakers” in your field have a discussion about a current topic relating to your field don’t you think you’d be a better professional for it? The answer is obviously yes and #SAChat is the virtual water cooler for student affairs professionals (and aspiring professionals) to lurk and learn. @CindyKane coined the phrase. Follow her not only for SA wisdom, but to watch a super mom in action.

4. I came for the chat, stayed for the community. (@JennaMagnuski) I saw the chat advertised on Facebook news feed. I didn’t realize lurking was learning at that point so I jumped right in as an eager young professional. Soon I learned the ways of making 140-characters poignant and purposeful by watching the likes of @ReyJunco @Tbump @EdCabellon @StacyLOliver @DebraSanborn and countless others. These are just of the few in the #SAChat Community that have made me a better professional via Twitter. Follow them and you’ll see what I mean.

3. Be a contributor, not a cheerleader. The first few #SAChats that I participate in I tweeted, I retweeted, I tweeted one word answers, smiley faces, and sometimes half a tweet on error. Through the massive amount of tweets, I began to realize I was being mentioned as a “top contributor” when some of the chat transcripts were posted. Upon reflecting and re-reading, I wasn’t a contributor I was more of a cheerleader! Since that revelation, I’ve tried to limit my tweets to ensure that I’m not just making cheers but rather making contributions. @StacyLOliver (possibly without realizing it) schooled me in this via a few direct messages. Follow her for friendly snarkiness combined with residence life awesomeness.

2. Share your ideas.  @JeffLail @EdCabellon @EricStoller @JPedde @JPKirchmeier @MikeJHamilton @ReyJunco @KARupert These tweeps all have blogs. Active blogs. Blogs that make you think. Blogs that educate you. Blogs that will give you inspiration. They all contributed to my evolution as a blog writer. I saw their words, their efforts, and their contributions to the World Wide Web and thought, I could do that. Without the #SAChat connecting me to these individuals who are educating by simply blogging their thoughts, opinions, strategies, curiosities to the web. Many of the tweets I’ve read or shared in #SAChats serve as motivation not only for a blog post, but philosophical changes in my work style and approach.

1.  Google is my resume. (@EricStoller) Social media is a revolution that is changing the landscape of recruiting (@MikeSevery) and job searching (@BeccaFick). Not only do you need a paper resume but you should have an electronic one as well meaning one that shows up in Google searches. I learned that from @EricStoller in a #SAChat about managing online identities.  If you Google “Joe Ginese” I dominate the page but unfortunately if you Google “Joseph Ginese”, I’m competing with a younger Joseph Ginese who apparently received a small bowel transplant in December of 2003 at Georgetown University Hospital. 9 months ago, I had no online identity nor presence. 8 months ago, I joined #SAChat and I’m no longer mistaken for a small boy who has a new small bowel.

It’s been a long journey to reach 5,000 tweets and perhaps it is a meaningless milestone to some but to me it shows 5,000 contributions, lessons, questions, resources, answers, curiosities, requests for help, quips of wisdom. One thing is for certain, without the #SAChat, Twitter would have fallen out of my realm of awareness and I wouldn’t be as wise, as educated, as connected, as awake, or as thankful as I am today both as a person or as a student affairs professional.

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