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One card for all.

September 30, 2010 Leave a comment

I recently heard a radio ad for the AAA (Triple A) card where the cards are interviewed. So the driver’s license is approached as the “head honcho” of the wallet but then finds out that it’s capabilities are overshadowed by all that the AAA card can do. It’s no secret that the AAA auto club offers all sorts of discounts and services for being a member.

This commercial had me thinking however, if you always have to have your license on you…why shouldn’t your license have more capability?

Here is the idea, credit card companies have cards equipped with a smart chip of sorts that allows you to sort of “tap and go” to pay for items. My new college id has the capability not to “swipe” into residence halls but rather just flash the ID and the door will unlock. Very cool.

Why couldn’t our driver’s license do that? Why not have the capability to have driver’s license equipped with this technology? Then the state could charge these franchises a fee (or get a percentage of sales) to gain a spot on the license. Now, instead of pulling our your Stop & Shop card, Hallmark Rewards card, Starbucks card, etc you just pull out your driver’s license and swipe, scan, tap, whichever.

The state would make money, the wallets would be lighter, and everything would be simplified into one piece of plastic that ultimately, most people will never leave home without.

More consolidation, less clutter.

That’s my idea for the day – who says it couldn’t happen?
Rock on,

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What was that station?

September 28, 2010 Leave a comment

Between the travelling I’ve done in the past month and the amount of sitting around in a room full of people flicking through the stations on a TV, the recall/last/prev button on the remote control was priceless.

“Wait, what was that last channel?”

“Ugh, this is awful, go back to what we were watching before.”

“Quick! Commercial go back to Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives!”

Of course, throughout the years, TV manufacturers and cable companies realized the need/demand for this convenience and made this standard practice as part of your remote control layout.

My question is, how come car radio manufacturers never caught on?

Perhaps my readers could help me out here but in all the cars (and car stereos) I’ve owned or played with, I never once saw a “prev/last/recall” button on the receiver or remote control.

How often are you in the car scanning through radio stations and you just miss a song on one, then when you seek backwards, for some reason your car mysteriously cannot connect with that station until of course your song is just concluding??

It happens to me all the time and it is annoying. Sure we have pre-sets and those work most of the time but not when you are randomly scanning through the stations (esp in my new home in the backwoods of Connecticut) in an area where the good music is few and far between.

It’s a simple idea. Just program a button to recall the last station you were listening to, come car stereo people TV/Cable figured this one out decades ago and you were around first so why haven’t you thought of it yet?

That’s my idea for the day – who says it couldn’t happen?

Rock on,


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We now return to your regularly scheduled program…

September 27, 2010 Leave a comment

Good Morning Readers!

So this blog has been dormant for a month, and let me give you the timeline of events to help explain to missing daily posts.

August 27th – My now former institution opened for the school year.

August 28th – I attended my first ever Jewish wedding which was amazing. Here is proof:

August 29th – Recover from the amazing wedding.

August 30th – My sister goes into pre-mature labor.

August 31st – My twin nephews are born at 23 weeks. Anthony is too little to intubate so the doctors cannot assist his breathing. He falls asleep 4 hours after birth. Andrew is resuscitated and brought to the natal intensive care unit (NICU – the nick u).

September 1 – September 5 – I spend every moment I can at the hospital in the NICU, bouncing between work, the hospital, and moving to my sister’s house.

September 6th – First official day at Nichols College.

September 7th – Anthony is buried and within a matter of hours Andrew takes a turn for the worst. By 10 p.m. that night, Andrew is taken off of life support and fall asleep.

September 9th – 10th – Jewish New Year 5771.

September 11th – Andrew is laid to rest with his brother.

September 13th – Full time at Nichols College!

September 13th – Today: Getting settled and working through Homecoming Weekend and Fall Elections.

That has been my month. I’ve learned a lot about myself, my relationship,  my family (both here and in New Jersey), and the power that all of those things are capable of using.

It has been a month of extreme happiness followed by extreme sadness and a roller coaster of feelings throughout. It has allowed me to explore a whole spectrum of emotions, reflections, thought processes that have undoubtedly changed the way I see life and try to live it.

The Curious Commuter will now proceed with its regularly scheduled program…

Rock on,


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